Most companies never make the decision to become extraordinary…

They talk about becoming extraordinary, or write mission statements about becoming extraordinary. But they never make the commitment that takes hold, becomes real, and creates a new level of success.

It starts with a decision

You’ll need to get your feet dirty if you want to win

A common thread among extraordinary companies is that they made very deliberate decisions to pursue greatness. It literally comes down to a moment of truth. Someone or a group of people somewhere made the clearly defined decision to strive for extraordinary success. Then, to sustain their success, they recommit to that decision again and again. In doing so, they ignite their company to reach new levels of growth and success.

The decision to reach for extraordinary performance must be followed by immediate and significant action. A vision without execution is just an hallucination. 

Crises may be good for business

A crisis often creates a tremendous sense of clarity and urgency, which extraordinary companies can use to rise to the top. It can also help in reducing competition, as competing businesses may fold up during the crises. The best time to overtake your competition or to extend your lead is when the market is tough.

The reaction of many people to a crisis is to play defense, and protect what they have out of fear. However, crisis periods are when the strong and the bold overtake the vulnerable. Survival requires bold action and you have to take advantage of the changes created during crises.

A crisis can be the time that you actually accelerate your business plan and make a decisive move. If your competitors are pulling back and cutting budgets, then this may be the time to do everything you can to connect with customers—not just your customers, but their customers, as well.

Steps to taking your place in the market

You can reposition your business in the market by doing the following:

  1. Dramatically improving the strength of your value proposition
  2. Investing in marketing and public relations activities
  3. Building relationships with as many potential clients as possible
  4. Strengthening distribution channels to achieve deeper product and market penetration.
  5. Achieving operational excellence through trainings

Many companies want increased sales, but they fail to invest in the research and planning necessary to make that happen. They want different results while doing exactly the same things they have always done, which some say is the definition of insanity. Ultimately, they get just more activity and the appearance of improvement without productivity.

In business, there is really no such thing as holding your position. You are either gaining ground or losing ground. You should constantly evaluate where you are and where you want to go. You are either growing or you are dying. Your business has got to continue to grow. If you want to be successful, that’s the bottom line.

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